Google’s new Facebook killer

In a direct assault on Facebook, Google has entered the social-networking wars with Google Buzz, a Gmail-integrated social-networking application. According to Google’s Todd Jackson, Buzz’s product manager, Buzz’s main features include:

  1. Auto-following
  2. Rich, fast sharing experience
  3. Public and private sharing
  4. Inbox integration
  5. Just the good stuff

According to a press release from Google:

The most noticeable advantage to Google Buzz is the way that e-mail comments and media, such as photos and videos, can be shared. Google Buzz automatically ‘follows’ the people who you communicate with most. Rather than broadcasting a passive “status message” like Facebook or “tweet” like Twitter, Google Buzz engages your friends by making the content that you find interesting available to them

Most of the buzz about Buzz centers around its real-time commenting features and its mobile integration, including voice recognition, which allows users to comment with voice only. No keyboard required! For developers, Google provides a Buzz API.

Not everyone, however, is enamored. And privacy issues have already been raised.

The Official Google blog has all the details.

Twitterfeed: update your blog, twitter and facebook pages with one click

Twitterfeed is a great little tool that will synchronize your blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. For every blog post, Twitterfeed  automatically updates your Twitter and Facebook pages. Blog once. Update across all three. Best of all, it’s free.

Getting set up could be a little easier, as the Twitterfeed interface is a bit wonky. But it’s well worth the 20  minutes or so it takes to figure out how it works.

John at House 32 recommended it. I use it here for K4 Media, and also with Paddy’s Gym, to keep Paddy’s twitter account updated with Cambodian boxing news.

Social-networking overload

Overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of your online life? Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hi5  … the list is endless. Trying to keep control over so many social-networking personalities can lead to anxiety, sadness and despair. But there is an answer.

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