Die, IE6, die

This happens far too often.

A client calls to say their web site is broken. It doesn’t look right anymore. The layout’s gone bonkers. The pictures have gone missing. Or something like that.

So you do what a web designer is suppose to do — you open Firefox. Then, in turn, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE8 and, lastly, IE7. And the web site in question looks fine. So you wonder: What browser are they using?

Listen, people. Internet Explorer 6 is suppose to be dead!

And for good reason. It’s a terrible browser (voted top 25 worst tech products of all time): insecure, standards non-compliant and full of bugs. There are blogs and web sites dedicated to its suckiness. The world and the interwebs will be much better places as soon as its finally buried.

Do you part.

Google has. On March 1, the search giant officially stopped supporting IE6. And even Microsoft, after admitting that IE6 was the source of the Great Google China Hack, has begged its customers to upgrade.

So upgrade already.

Or far better.

Get a browser that doesn’t suck.