Clients from hell

Wednesday’s site of the day:

It’s true. We all have our moments, designers and clients alike. Clients tend to want “unprofessional” solutions, like flying text and cutesy animated gifs, while designers often suggest overly elaborate answers to simple design challenges.

But in reading through Clients From Hell, it’s surprising that none of those anecdotes come anywhere close to the horror stories I’ve heard from clients about designers. Those tales are truly stunning.

One recent example: A friend in Thailand last year hired an expat-run Web design shop to build his company’s e-commerce site. After months — months! — of delays, the site still doesn’t work. And the company now wants to bill additional hours to “fix” the problems.

Holy Mackerel!

Or how about designers that go AWOL a week before launch date. Or call their clients vulgar names and insult them to their face.

Yet still there is no

Have you had any particularly egregious run-ins with Web designers?

I can build the Web site, as long as you promise not to ask for flying text.