Phnom Penh WordPress MeetUp

Calling all Phnom Penh WordPress Users!

I am trying to get a WordPress Meetup going. If you are WordPress user, or would like to learn more about WordPress with a group of like-minded people, please join the community. Sign-up details after the jump.

There is a Phnom Penh WordPress Meetup Facebook Group.

If you’re not on Facebook (you’re not on Facebook?!?!), you can get the latest group news by email. Just subscribe to the newsletter.


There is now a Phnom Penh WordPress Meetup blog, too.

And a group on

5 thoughts on “Phnom Penh WordPress MeetUp”

  1. I would actually have loved to come! I maintain a quite well read digital media blog called BetaTales – – that is run on WordPress. Besides I have a strong interest in Cambodia – and have visited the country several times over the last couple of years reseaching a book I am writing.

    However, as I live in Norway, I guess it will be difficult to participate 🙂 But good luck in organizing it!

  2. Robert says:

    John, I am sure we can dial you in on Skype.

  3. Yes, that could be a good idea, provided that the date and time difference is good 🙂 Let me know when it will take place.

  4. Sim Kamsan says:

    Good News, I am also wordpress user.

  5. ecambodia says:

    Good information and good blog

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